The famous slogan that RE/MAX University has adapted years ago:

“The More You Learn, The More You Earn”

has been sincerely adapted in our Regional office. We strongly believe that it is essential that we provide a Career Development Model (CDM) which has been created and adapted to best suit the RE/MAX UAE Sales Agent. We have made it our priority to differentiate the training material for our region. All new Broker/Owner offices and Sales Agents receive a set of Introductory sessions to ensure their Well-Integrated and Smooth entry into the RE/MAX network. In addition advanced sessions are available for Sales Agents to choose from depending on their individual career needs.

* All in-class training sessions/modules are taught in English.
* Online sessions are equally available.
* Our trainers are professionals and considered the best in the field.

Our Training sessions are divided into four main categories:

* Broker/Owner and Manager Training
* Sales Agent Training
* Office staff training
* Technology training

RE/MAX CDM is an internal career development tool created for the benefit of the RE/MAX staff, brokers and sales agents only.

RE/MAX was created in 1973 by top real estate professionals for top real estate professionals. That alone makes the RE/MAX Concept profoundly different. Productive Agents earn high commissions and pay their fair share of office expenses. Agents help clients. Brokerages help agents. And under it all is a comprehensive management system that expands opportunities for agents and owners.