The Ejari System in Dubai

Protects the Rights of Both Landlords and Tenants

March, 2023


Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world that is distinguished by its powerful real estate market. It is considered a top choice for people worldwide who want to live or enjoy vacations. When they come to Dubai, they certainly need to rent a property during their stay. In order to facilitate the rental process, the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), a government body in Dubai, launched an initiative, “The Ejari System”, to regulate the rental contracts in Dubai and the relationship between the landlord and tenants. Let’s find out together everything you need to know about this system.

What is the Ejari System?

Ejari is an Arabic word that means “My Rent”. It is an initiative in Dubai issued by RERA under the provisions of Law No. 26 of 2007 to regulate and control the rental market in Dubai. Effective since 2010, RERA announced that all tenancy contracts must be registered through the Ejari online portal, an electronic registration web service. After registering, an Ejari certificate, valid for one year, will be issued. It is worth noting that this certificate is essential while applying for telephone and internet services, electricity and water connections, commercial licenses, employing domestic staff, and renewing your residency visa.

Benefits of Ejari

There are many benefits the Ejari System offers, including:

• Ensures all rental contracts are registered and structured according to the government-approved format.
• Ensures all rental contracts are fair and transparent to both parties; the landlord and the tenant, which results in building and maintaining a trusted relationship between both.
• Records the rental fees agreed upon to protect the rights of both the landlord and the tenant.
• Secures both parties’ rights to go to court in case of any disputes, and the court can look into the case.
• Helps tenants know more about the landlord and the property by requesting historical data.
• Prevents any illegal properties or any exploitation happening in the real estate market in Dubai.
• Saves time by producing the documents and receipts in a short time.

Ejari Registration

How to Register for Ejari?

You can register for Ejari offline by visiting Ejari typing centers or online through the Ejari portal, Dubai REST App, or Dubai Now App.

Required Documents needed while registering offline or online:

• Original tenancy contract
• Landlord’s Emirates ID or passport
• Tenant’s Emirates ID or UAE Visa
• A valid power of attorney (POA) document is required if the contract will be signed by a POA holder. In case the POA is issued from Dubai, the number of the POA is required without the need to enclose it, however, if issued from another emirate, it must be enclosed.
• Security deposit receipt
• The title deed of the rented property
• Trade license in case of commercial properties
• Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) bill

Steps of Offline Registration:

1- Visit the Ejari typing centers or what is referred to as Trustee Centers, such as Al Tabu Real Estate Trustee Services, Al Taresh Real Estate Services Trustee, Takhlees Government Services, and Al Manara Real Estate Registration Trustee.
2- Submit the required documents.
3- Fill in all the transaction data into the system, then they are verified and approved by an employee.
4- Pay the registrations fees, which amount to around AED 120 in addition to AED 95 as service partners fees and the Value-Added Tax (VAT).
5- Receive Ejari certificate in only 7 minutes.

Steps of Online Registration:

1- Create an account in the Ejari system, Dubai REST, or Dubai Now, and choose “Register Ejari Contract”.
2- Fill in all the data and upload the required documents.
3- Pay the registration fees, which amount to around AED 120, in addition to the Value-Added Tax (VAT).
4- The application will be reviewed by an employee.
5- If the application is approved, the Ejari certificate will be sent via email instantly.

Ejari Online


You should renew Ejari every time you renew your tenancy contract for the property. In most cases, the renewal will be after one year. You can do the renewal offline or online by submitting the previous Ejari certificate in addition to the documents mentioned above.

It is essential for any landlord to cancel Ejari once the tenant moves out because if the previous Ejari is not cancelled, the next tenant will not be able to register. This is according to the RERA law that states that there should only be one registration for the property. You can cancel Ejari offline or online.

Now that we’ve covered the Ejari system in Dubai in details, if you are looking to rent a property in Dubai, contact RE/MAX UAE by calling +971 4 589 7376 or contact us here, or if you want to register in the Ejari system in Dubai, click here.